Polycom targets SMBs with H.264 SVC solutions

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Polycom has  unveiled plans to accelerate delivery of solutions for UC networks and help drive video communications growth in mobile, SMB and consumer markets. The company has extended its UC portfolio with products based on H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) technology . SVC will be made available at no cost to strategic partners that support open and interoperable communications standards through industry forums such as the Unified Communications Interoperability Forum (UCIF).

SVC technology is said to have the ability to deliver consistent, high-quality video and audio experiences at any bandwidth and over networks prone to packet loss and congestion, like the public internet and mobile broadband networks. Polycom says that SVC solutions will improve the value proposition  for customers deploying UC solutions and will also protect customers” investment by offering interoperability with legacy solutions. The company describes competitive offerings as “rip-and-replace” systems.

Polycom said that it will extend its UC Intelligent Core infrastructure platform with“universal bridging” capabilities to connect existing and emerging video applications.  Polycom will enhance its broad support for existing and new video technologies with support for emerging protocols such as H.264 SVC, Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP), Jingle and others over time.

Joseph Burton, Polycom's chief technology and strategy officer: “Video communications is at a tipping point. As new applications emerge, open interoperability and backwards compatibility are key to achieving widespread adoption."

“Video communications is at a tipping point. As new applications emerge, open interoperability and backwards compatibility are key to achieving widespread adoption and delivering value for customers,” said Joseph Burton, chief technology and strategy officer, Polycom. “The UC Everywhere initiative by Polycom will drive broad video adoption within enterprise UC and emerging UC markets – SMB, mobile and consumer. Our new initiatives align with our focus on giving customers choice, flexibility and investment protection along with the quality, integration and interoperability they need in order to truly transform how they collaborate.”

Microsoft, an existing UC partner of Polycom, said that the combination of H.264 SVC technology and the software giant”s solutions can contribute to improve desktop video collaboration by delivering consistent, high-quality experiences across enterprise, SMB, home office and public network environments, and by providing interoperability with existing standards-based telepresence and video conferencing systems. Gartner predicts more than 200 million workers globally will use corporate-supplied desktop video conferencing by 2015.

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