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Videocall has today announced that it has extended the availability of its cloud based, high definition (HD) video communication service, MyPresence to mobile devices, through a partnership with Vidyo. “This is the next logical phase in the development of MyPresence for our customers,” explains Rob Portwood, MD of Videocall.

Vidyo technology supports VideoCall's MyPresence.

“Businesses are increasingly requiring their employees to always be on hand, but it is often challenging for people to physically attend meetings.  Being able to communicate visually with colleagues, in HD, on a mobile device, from wherever you happen to be, is an amazing benefit to employees and will soon be an absolute necessity for all businesses.”

VidyoMobile from Vidyo Inc. enables MyPresence to offer services for iOS 4.x on iPads, iPhones and the iPod Touch.  MyPresence expands access to conferences that already connect laptops, desktops, telepresence and HD room systems (including interoperability with Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg and other H.323 and SIP endpoints). To see MyPresence (powered by Vidyo) on an iPad 2.

 “VidyoMobile can turn hundreds of millions of mobile devices into video conferencing endpoints using the same enterprise infrastructure as desktops, laptops and telepresence rooms,” said Rob Hughes, Vidyo’s SVP of Worldwide Sales and Support. “Companies can now offer this very high quality, extremely reliable, simple-to-use application, to help employees achieve goals easily and affordably.”

As with other MyPresence endpoints, mobile users can participate in conferences with more than 100 participants, displaying up to 4 participants at a time on the iPad2, providing them with the ability to customise which participants to view.  Additionally, participants are displayed using the active speaker feature, which automatically displays the current speaker.

Videocall’s network operation centre (vNOC) is focused on managing and monitoring Videocall’s video cloud infrastructure. The vNOC staff are said to be trained and experienced personnel who utilise various video technologies to ensure that customers’ video conference experience remains trouble-free.

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