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Simplicity has always been  able to support video meetings between businesses through a simple set of dialling rules through a  portal service connected to legacy and HD standards based video conferencing systems. But there are still issues surrounding B2B use of video for meetings, including security, access, control, quality, ease of use and scheduling.

In planning the new service, Simplicity spoke to users and considered how a meeting with a supplier or a customer is organised. Once the attendees, a date a time and venue are sorted and an agenda agreed people then think of the tools they need in the meeting room that will be used to share the information they need in the meeting. One or more parties then sets off to travel to the venue. They will have been advised of the protocols to get into the building, who to ask for, what identification they should bring. Once cleared at reception, their host will then take them to the meeting room, everybody “meets & greets” and they then get down to business. “Normally when I travel (yes, even we in this industry still travel for meetings!) I will try to get as much out of the trip as possible, so I’ll generally arrange to see others whilst there if it’s possible,” explains Lauren Dorling, VMR Product Specialist at Simplicitiy.

“If video is to become mainstream and get away from the nerds who thrive in network issues and protocol mismatches then we need to make booking and running a B2B video meeting as simple as booking the traditional meeting. That is the core of Simplicity.”

“We have set up a service that enables any standards based legacy or HD videoconference system to access Virtual Meeting Rooms using the same policies and protocols used to run a regular meeting. Allocate the room, tell the parties where it is, meet them at reception, take them to the room and get on with the business. We call it thevirtualmeetingroom.net, it does exactly what it says on the tin.”

The service is already available to all Simplicity users who will receive an update and any additional training they may want to use the service more for B2B/external video meetings. One of the benefits of the service is that the meetings remain under the control of the user and only invited parties that have been given the access point to the meeting can get into the meeting.

Creation of the virtual meeting room can be booked and managed by Simplicity or under the control of the user. Creation of the virtual meeting room takes only a few seconds and a couple of mouse clicks. The organiser then sends the details of the access points and any security requirements to the external participants, who as long as they can dial a number will be brought into the virtual meeting room as a guest. For example the user can create a meeting, giving it a unique number and PIN. Internally people dial the virtual meeting room directly or their systems will automatically be connected into the meeting if it scheduled. Depending on the nature and capability of the external systems they will be issued with a number or address to get to the meeting.

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