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Polycom has unveiled a mobile video communication technology, called RealPresence Mobile and claimed to be the first enterprise HD video software solution for tablets. The new solution runs on devices including Apple iPad 2, Motorola XOOM, and Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1, with more mobile devices to follow.

Polycom RealPresence Mobile, powered by the Polycom RealPresence Platform, extends Polycom’s HD video collaboration technology is designed to deliver a similar high-quality, secure, reliable video experience to tablet users. Mobile professionals can use their tablet of choice to collaborate face-to-face with other colleagues joining via desktop and immersive video room systems, tablets or laptops. The RealPresence Mobile software application is available via a free download from the Apple App StoreS and Android Market. Polycom president and CEO

“RealPresence Mobile is a significant step toward achieving our vision to make it possible for millions of people to use video collaboration as their preferred method of communicating – easily, reliably, and securely – no matter what network, carrier, protocol, application, or device they use,” said Andy Miller, president and CEO of Polycom.

Delivering Polycom video to mobile platforms is a key component of the company’s recently announced software strategy to bring secure HD video collaboration to the broadest range of business, video, mobile and social networking applications.

“RealPresence Mobile is a significant step toward achieving our vision to make it possible for millions of people to use video collaboration as their preferred method of communicating – easily, reliably, and securely – no matter what network, carrier, protocol, application, or device they use,” said Andy Miller, president and CEO of Polycom. “I’ve met with a hundred customers the past few months, and nearly every executive I talk with is looking to embrace mobility and tablets to improve business productivity.  Customers who have seen our mobile applications running on Apple, Motorola, and Samsung tablets are truly inspired by the possibilities Polycom is enabling by extending video collaboration beyond the traditional boundaries of the conference room and desktop.”

Now, whether in the field or on the road, in an airport lounge or working from home, or wherever business leads, customers can use a tablet to connect and collaborate face-to-face with colleagues, customers, partners, and suppliers. RealPresence Mobile allows customers to leverage Polycom’s UC infrastructure to harness the benefits of video collaboration, increase the industry’s highest ROI even further, and unleash the powerful network effect of HD video collaboration.

Human culture and technology becomes increasingly visual. The latest generation has been raised on video and social connectedness – 3 billion YouTube videos are streamed daily.1 Within this context, it’s not surprising that video conferencing is also on the rise. UC and video collaboration is increasingly recognized as a mission-critical capability for businesses and a solution that pays for itself within months by reducing travel expenses while improving teamwork, collaborative decision making, organizational productivity, and employee and customer engagement.

 Now, mobile video conferencing is poised for significant growth, driven by the demand for video communications, an increasingly remote workforce, and a convergence of technical advances. Today, organizations tend to be more geographically dispersed and virtual, with more than 1 billion teleworkers globally.2 At the same time, technology advancements are driving the visual mobile society, including the proliferation of camera-equipped mobile tablets and smartphones; the advent of 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks; and cloud delivered services. In fact, Gartner remains bullish on the opportunity for the media tablet market forecasting over 320 million units sold in 2015, with cumulatively over 900 million sold by the end of that year.3 And by 2015, the number of people participating in video chats is forecast to grow 14 times to more than 140 million.

“Our employees are based around the world, with many remote or mobile most of the time, and it’s critical that we’re all able to collaborate securely face-to-face, regardless of location,” said Ismayeel Syed, technical architect for Aviva, one of the world’s largest insurance companies and the biggest in the UK, with 36,000 employees serving more than 44 million customers worldwide. “The ability to leverage our current video conferencing assets, and extend high-quality multi-point video capabilities to those outside the corporate office in a secure way, has been game-changing. Polycom RealPresence Mobile provides a true HD enterprise mobile video solution that we believe will have an additional, significant, positive impact at Aviva, extending even further our achievements in employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity. The use cases now seem truly limitless.”

In addition to providing numerous benefits to enterprises customers, Polycom RealPresence Mobile brings a new level of portability, usability, and scalability to a number of vertical industries. For example:

  • Healthcare – A physician can now use a tablet device to collaborate via video with medical experts to streamline telemedicine evaluations, speed diagnosis, and help save lives.
  • Education – Students can stay connected virtually to professors, lectures, and course content whether in a classroom, a remote campus, or even at home.
  • Government – Mobile response units can now share and analyse live on-site information in real-time with crisis centres and emergency teams to analyse the situation, deploy needed resources, and enhance decision making.
  • Manufacturing – Manufacturers now have eyes and ears on the factory floor to remotely facilitate inspection, expedite diagnosis, and reduce time-to-market.

The Polycom RealPresence Mobile solution is available now. All elements of the Polycom RealPresence Platform are currently available through Polycom’s certified channel partners.

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