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Radvision announced the expansion of its SCOPIA video conferencing room system portfolio with the introduction of the SCOPIA XT4200 HD video conferencing system and the SCOPIA XT Meeting Center, an all-in-one room system with integrated 55″ displays. Both the SCOPIA XT4200 and SCOPIA XT Meeting Center leverage the same technologies as the recently introduced SCOPIA XT5000 HD video conferencing room system.

The SCOPIA XT4200 offers outstanding value and cost-effective HD video communications specifically designed for the needs of smaller and mid-sized conference rooms as well as customers who don’t require all the high-end features offered in the SCOPIA XT5000. The XT4200 is nonetheless incredibly powerful, providing unparalleled features at a highly affordable price point such as dual 720p/60fps live video and content, HD audio, H.264 High Profile and Scalable Video Coding (SVC), dual display support and a wide angle PTZ camera.

The SCOPIA XT Meeting Center is a premium HD room system integrating single or dual 55″ 1080p displays in a specially designed cart for a simple and efficient implementation. The mobility of the cart enables the system to be used as a shared resource and is especially effective in education and enterprise environments to quickly create a high quality video meeting space. The XT Meeting Center is powered by RADVISION’s flagship SCOPIA XT5000 – the only system available in the market that includes dual 1080p/60fps live video and content.

“RADVISION continues to deliver innovative, affordable high quality video solutions that include high-end features and functionality at a price point nearly any business can afford,” said Rob Arnold, program manager, Frost & Sullivan. “RADVISION has quickly built up an impressive end-to-end catalog, and the addition of these two new endpoints  enhances the company’s room system portfolio. The XT4200 introduces a highly affordable HD system that incorporates the latest video technologies and the all-in-one XT Meeting Center will appeal to businesses requiring an integrated and flexible visual communications solution.”

“RADVISION is delivering the industry’s most advanced video room systems that are cost-effective, and wthout compromising on features or quality,” said Roberto Giamagli, general manager of RADVISION’s video business unit. “When we introduced the SCOPIA XT5000, we defined what high-quality video conferencing should be – from the technologies we’ve implemented like H.264 SVC and H.264 High Profile – to the user interface, which is simple, intuitive and flexible. Now, we are expanding our room system portfolio to meet the needs of both smaller-sized businesses and also those that rely extensively on  visual communications to achieve their business goals.”

Product Highlights and Capabilities

 For the SCOPIA XT4200:

  • Outstanding value. The XT4200 is well-equipped, offering dual 720p/60fps HD video, H.264 High Profile, H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC), dual display support, and a wide angle pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera – all at an affordable price.
  • Efficient HD performance. The XT4200 provides simultaneous H.264 High Profile for bandwidth efficiency and SVC for high quality video even in unpredictable network environments such as the Internet.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use. The XT4200 user interface is designed for simplicity along with optional Multi-Touch control via the Apple iPad for enhanced capabilities. 

For the SCOPIA XT Meeting Center:

  • Premium all-in-one solution. The XT Meeting Center is a high-performance HD video conferencing solution powered by the SCOPIA XT5000. It integrates single or dual 55″ 1080p premium displays in a specially designed cart for quickly creating a high-quality meeting environment.
  • Exceptional experience. The XT Meeting Center leverages the capabilities of the SCOPIA XT5000 system with simultaneous dual HD 1080p/60fps for live video and content and CD-quality, 20 kHz audio.
  • Unparalleled power. Two full 1080p/60fps video channels, simultaneous H.264 High Profile for bandwidth efficiency and H.264 SVC for error resiliency, and an optional embedded nine-way MCU – all combine to make the XT Meeting Center the most powerful system in its class.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use. Designed with the end-user in mind, the XT Meeting Center’s user interface uses the same intuitive design as RADVISION’s award-winning SCOPIA Mobile application, enabling instant, intuitive and effective control – no training required. For an enhanced experience, the XT Meeting Center is enabled for Multi-Touch control via the Apple iPad.

Both the SCOPIA XT4200 and XT Meeting Center will be available through RADVISION’s reseller partner network in the second quarter of 2012.

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